Air Testing

Asbestos air testing is an activity where a known volume of air is drawn through a filter over a measured period of time. During this time, airborne particles are collected on the filter which is then prepared for examination under a microscope.

Complete Asbestos Services Ltd can offer air testing via independent strategic partners.

Background Air Testing:

This is generally conducted to determine asbestos fibre levels prior to asbestos removal or when accidental damage has occurred to asbestos materials within your property.

Leakage Air Testing:

This form of air testing is used to measure the airborne fibre concentration outside a live asbestos removal enclosure at your premises in order to determine whether the integrity of the enclosure is being maintained.

Reassurance Air Testing:

This is generally used to measure airborne fibre concentration following asbestos removal works not requiring an enclosure.

Clearance Air Testing:

This is conducted as part as an 4 – stage clearance from the removal of licensed asbestos materials within an enclosure.